Shortcuts and Emergency

Shortcuts and Emergency

Taking Shortcuts doesn't mean shortcutting the end result

Press Release - Shortcuts and Emergency

Do you know a better route to your house than the GPS tells you? Is the scenic route for your favorite road trip better than any of the direct routes on Google Maps? Use Shortcuts and Emergency to program and save your own directions! When family and friends want to use your routes, you can easily share the best route with the simple push of a button!

Design your own driving routes, walking trails, cycling paths, and horse riding tracks. Avoid the slow roads, toll routes, speed traps, and traffic lights!

You will also be able to relax if you get lost or stuck in an emergency situation- just use Shortcuts and Emergency to notify friends or family that you need help. The App will immediately send selected friends and family your exact GPS location.

Enjoy peace of mind as you go your own way!

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