Secret Notes Magic

Secret Notes Magic

If you think saying "I love you" or "I miss you" is too old fashion and bored, try the magic secret notes here. It surprisingly encrypts your message in the square magic box and only those who care about it can read - the magic social messaging app that you never experienced before!

Press Release - Secret Notes Magic

Magic Secret-sharing and messaging to your social networks - Only those who care can read your heart!

Check out the magic for Secret Notes: No matter what you say, which language you use, how much content you'd like to deliver - it's ALL carried in this magic square and only those who care can read!

See the sample secret notes in the app for more ideas about what you'd like to send in your Secret Notes. Make your message secret and fun!

- Support Facebook sharing
- Wechat Sharing
- Download to local album and share your secret notes image
- Example attached in the app


Secret Notes Magic Screenshots