SAT Vocabulary by Veritas Prep

SAT Vocabulary by Veritas Prep

Vocabulary learning, redesigned!

Press Release - SAT Vocabulary by Veritas Prep

SIck of flash cards? SAT Vocabulary by Veritas Prep guides you to learn words rather than just memorizing them. We feature the 500 most common SAT words that you will need to know in order get big gains in your score with no flashcards involved!

Vocabulary building using this App is one of the most painless and effective ways to raise your test scores. Let SAT Vocabulary guide you through reading some simple sentences, answering a few questions, and writing a few thoughts down using the words.

SAT Vocabulary by Veritas Prep features quizzes that show you what you know and help you figure out what you don't know. There are nine types of quiz questions that make sure you are learning rather than memorizing- eight of which are brand new game types based on the latest developments in memorization science!

Additionally, you can read sentences that show you how words are used and not just their meanings. There will then be prompts to help you write your own sentences - let the words enter your everyday vocabulary

An innovative scoring system to let you track your progress and see how far you are from mastering the vocabulary. Every day you'll receive a Daily Checklist of what to do to stay on track. You will be sent on a word Mission where you'll progressively challenge yourself to prove you have truly mastered a word pack. The App comes with brutally hard final levels for ultimate wordsmiths only.

You even have the option to add more words to learn, and to challenge your friends in multiplayer mode! Ace the SAT and learn new vocabulary for life!

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