Samaki Rewards

Samaki Rewards

Drive safe. Save money. Save lives.

Press Release - Samaki Rewards

Drive safe. Save money. Save lives. Samaki Rewards offers reward points to you when you drive safely without talking or texting. You can then exchange these points for Visa gift cards (courtesy of and discounts from your favorite online stores.

By utilizing all of the sensors on the iPhone, Samaki Rewards' algorithm takes into account tight turns, high speed, swerving, and using the phone or texting while driving- all of which will negatively affect your score. In short, the safer you drive, the more points you earn.

The basic algorithm for earning points works like this:

1. Samaki Rewards requires no internet connectivity to use. As long as you're logged in, you should be able to start collecting points at anytime.

2. Points aren't solely given out based on speed or distance. The App also uses sensors such as light, gyrometer, accelerometer, etc, without only relying on the GPS.

3. Points are fairly distributed for both 'city' and 'highway' drivers. Why should one type of driver have an unfair advantage?

4. Points are only gained if you put the phone down. Points are deducted if you touch the phone WHILE driving. If you touch the phone while at a complete stop, then no points are deducted. The goal is for the App not to be distracting. If the point-collection process distracts you from the road, then what's the point of it all?

Enjoy all the free gift cards you earn from driving safely and have a great trip!

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