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Press Release - S2end

Everyone has a side of their life that they would prefer to keep secret. However, email and private text messaging nowadays aren't always reliably secure. S2end is your private messenger. It was built so that you can chat in confidence.

With S2end, the only people with the ability to read your messages are you and your recipient. When a message is sent, it is encrypted with military grade security. Additional encryptions are available including passwords, geolocations and drawings to further secure your messages.

S2end is simple to use. Just , type the targeted recipient's email-address into the sender box and add your message. Then, select the appropriate encryptions - including the ability to add an expiration date which allows a message to be deleted after a selected time-period has been reached. You can also pick between encryptions such as geolocation, draw patterns and a dot-lock-style pin code. Your recipient will be able to download the app and decrypt your message, even though it's secured by AES-128 bit encryption. This is virtually unhackable and ultra-secure; meaning that it is safe against brute force attacks. The geolocations requires the recipient to visit a certain area to unlock the message, and without visiting that area, they are unable to view the message. Once downloaded and decrypted, the recipient will be able to read your message and simultaneously reply straight from within the application; you will also receive a green check mark which symbolises that your message was delivered to the receiver.

S2end also allows you to attach files from online services such as Dropbox, CloudApp and SkyDrive. Furthermore, if you receiver needs to keep a message, they are able to store that in their 'Secure Bag', a local and safe storage space... in-which messages can be held confidently.

The best part is that S2end will not store ANY personal data, meaning that you can have the peace of mind next time you share something important and that no one but you and the recipient will ever see that message.

S2end uses 100,000 steps to ensure maximum security for situations when you need to keep your chats away from prying eyes.

Secure your messages today with S2end - Your Private Messenger.