A music platform that pulls together the best of social media from every artist into one clean and easy to use app

Press Release - Rouse!

Rouse! - The only app that combines the tweets, pictures, videos, music and more from artists & bands in one place!

With many different popular social networks it has become increasingly difficult for fans to find and follow their favorite Artists. By aggregating content, from multiple networks, into one clean and easy-to-use application, Rouse has now made it convenient and fun for fans to have it all. Some of the Rouse Features below:

Artist Pages
- Artist tweets, pictures and videos pulled in from the leading social media sites.
- Artists bios, news, schedules and the ability to buy tickets to the concerts.
- Access to buy or stream music, by song or album.
- Fan chat, pictures and videos.

Get Discovered!

- Artists/Bands can submit their content to get onto the Rouse platform for Rousers to see their videos, music and much more.

- All real-time social updates from all of the artists and bands you choose to follow.
- See what your friends are saying about the artists they’re rousing.

More Features
- Check-in to live events and concerts to experience the excitement with all your friends by viewing and sharing pics, videos and fan chatter.
- Rouse is linked to Spotify and iTunes, so buying and streaming music is only a button away!

Awaken your music social media experience by rousing your favorite artists. Start Rousing!

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