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Press Release - Rottenwood

I have always found it hard to remember some details about movies I've seen - the title being the worst part. I usually remembered the actor, who played in the movie, or often not even the actor's name - I remembered what other movie that particular actor or actress played in.

This is getting more and more frustrating the more movies you see - and being a movie fan, you probably see a few movies each week. I usually ended up googling for a few minutes before I could find the movie title I was looking for.

Which is why I have made Rottenwood. It's your personal movie database, made for OS X, with the ability to quickly add new movies to your database as well as search for them. All in a pretty interface. If you need some details, double click the movie icon - here you can write notes about the movie, rate it, see who directed it, who played in it and if you need to see other movies you've seen that one of those actors played, simply press the arrow next to the person's name and Rottenwood will automatically filter out the movies. You can even set reminders to movies that aren't out yet - so you don't miss their premieres.

Rottenwood also allows you to mark the movies as "Want to See" or "Favorite" making it super easy to keep a list of movies someone mentioned you should see or movies that are you favorites so that in a moment when you feel like watching a movie and just can't figure out which one, you scroll through a list of your favorites and - bam!

Also, I keep writing reviews of movies I've seen, so you can easily discover new movies - all accessible right from within the app!

Rottenwood Screenshots