Romney's Strike Back

Romney's Strike Back

Show that Romney is that man for the job and strike back to win all 50 states.

Press Release - Romney's Strike Back

Do you wish that Romney won the election? Show him your support and play Romney's Strike Back!

Even though your votes didn't pay off this time, you can help him win a better result. Some states were very close and Romney could have easily won them. Win those states back from Obama and show the country that Romney has the skills to strike back and be the most powerful man in the world.

Tilt and rotate your device to roll Romney's head into, and collect, valuable votes for his campaign. Help Romney prevail over Obama and win all 538 electoral votes. But watch out for the scandals and eggs that can ruin your chances of getting the electoral result you want....

Make sure you hold onto the lone star state, seduce the city that never sleeps, retain swinging South Beach, and enjoy winning over sweet home Alabama.

Get Romney rolling towards victory and defeat Obama in every state! Purchase Romney's Strike Back now to generate the clean sweep election campaign you really want!

Romney's Strike Back Screenshots