Rocket Patrol

Rocket Patrol

Race across the stars!

Press Release - Rocket Patrol

Featuring turn based gaming with your friends, or single player against the computer, Rocket Patrol harkens back to the age of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon with it’s retro style. The gameplay is simple and quick, just collect enough light year cards to cross the finish line! Your friends play delay cards against you to slow you down, leaving your ship stranded in space with an engine fire, facing a deadly asteroids field or worse!

Designed by legendary game designer Graeme Devine along with industry veterans Spencer Lindsay and Paul Reynolds, Rocket Patrol is a unique collaboration of art and technology.

“We wanted to make something fun anyone could play. Too many of the card games I see on the store are far too complex. I also wanted to make something that oozed retro, I love that era of talking computers and shiny space ships” said Graeme Devine.

Rocket Patrol launches April 18th on the App Store for the iPad. It is a free download.

Rocket Patrol Screenshots