Make some money, save some money... use a new cab system!

Press Release - Rickshaw

Expand your transport options beyond taxis and start sourcing your rides from the community around you.

See the expected cost of a local taxi company - and easily call them if you want, right from the app.

Compare this with multiple bids from nearby drivers with their own unique cars and rating histories.

For example, a passenger might see that a local taxi would cost $20, while Brian, who has a 5 star rating and drives a 2007 BMW 330i, is a half mile away and is offering the ride for $18. Meanwhile, Sarah, who has a 4 star rating and drives a 2005 VW Passat, is a mile away and is offering the ride for $16.

If a passenger accepts a bid, both driver and passenger can coordinate with each other through messages, phone calls, and GPS tracking all within the app, so you can figure out which of the 10 convention center exits they should actually be meeting at. Passengers can pay for the ride either with cash in person or online seamlessly through credit card.


On the driver side, if you are generally available Monday - Friday from 5:30 pm until 6:30 pm, when you normally might leave work (and when a lot of people can't find a taxi), you can set Rickshaw to notify you when any ride is requested that originates within a decided distance (4 miles, for example) from your work address during that time. You can also, at any time, view all of the new ride requests near you on a map or on a detailed list.

For each new ride, you will see the passenger's profile and rating history, the mapped route of the ride, the distance of the ride and the estimated time duration of the ride, along with other ride details.

During registration, you can decide that you would generally like to bid (for example) $2.00 per mile and when you are interested in a providing a ride, you can easily submit a bid based on your $2.00 general rate. If it is a 5 mile ride, your default bid will be automatically calculated as $10.00, although you can also modify your bids for each individual ride if you want. You can always easily compare your bid price with the estimated cost of a local taxi.

Rickshaw drivers retain 85% of their value of the bids for successfully completed rides (as compared to drivers in the traditional taxi system, who often retain less than half of the fares paid by passengers). Drivers who have accumulated 20 ratings of 4 stars or more are invited to apply to become Certified Rickshaw Drivers, who after undergoing an interview, background checks and a review of their performance on the Rickshaw platform, are granted Certified status. These drivers have an "R" next to their names, which passengers can clearly identify during the bidding process.


Rickshaw has built a base of drivers in most large and small cities in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom and is now establishing communities in cities in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and other locations.

Rickshaw has recently expanded to 22 currencies and six languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Polish and Chinese) and its entirely proprietary database of nearly 1,000 local taxi company pricing formulas covers North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Even if you are traveling in a distant place where there are not yet any Rickshaw drivers, you can always see an accurate cost of a local taxi for your ride and you can always easily call the local taxi company right from the app.