reversi learning

reversi learning

A new way to boost your skills in playing Reversi.

Press Release - reversi learning

Reversi Learning is the only app on the Android market that was built to help you boost your skills in this classic board game.

Each one of our Training levels were specifically designed to help you understand how to maximize your chances of defeating opponents of all skill-levels. How do we do this? By giving you access to the Move Master™! The Move Master™ shows you exactly what value your move has in the grand scheme of the game. In essence, it teaches you how a weak or strong opponent would think and act.

Each time you complete a Training level, hop into the Tournament mode and play against the CPU with that level of brainpower. It gets progressively hard very quick so you will quickly meet your match!

Here is an additional list of innovative features which we have built to get you in top Reversi-playing form:

1. A Very Strong AI: Featuring the most intelligent computer opponent on Android, you will always get just the right level of competition.

2. Tournament Mode: 16 fun characters present you with 16 custom levels of difficulty. Suitable for everyone, from beginners to pros.

3. Training Mode with our Move Master™: By showing you which moves maximize your options on the board, you quickly increase your chances of winning.

4. Two-Player Mode: Play Reversi with your friends and show off a little.

5. Replay Functionality: Understand the mistakes you made and learn how the AI calculates their moves with our live replay feature.

6. Statistics: Get a handle of how you well you play. We'll estimate your skill-level with a single score which you can try to improve.

7. Leaderboards: Post your top scores on the leaderboards and compete against your friends.

More learning features will be available soon so stay tuned!

Never again will you play Reversi with the weaker hand. Get Reversi Learning now and start winning!

TLDR: With Reversi Learning as your teacher, you will be able to beat your annoying smart-aleck Uncle Fred.

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