Real Solitaire Free

Real Solitaire Free

The Ultimate Halloween Klondike game with beautiful visuals!

Press Release - Real Solitaire Free

Real Solitaire Free is the simplest yet most polished classic Klondike solitaire game available for iOS. If you love solitaire, this App has everything you can possibly desire in a solitaire game!

Real Solitaire is the classic Klondike 52 card solitaire game with 7 piles of downturned and upturned cards, and four foundations that build up by suit from ace to king. What makes Real Solitaire stand out from other solitaire Apps is its polish and degree of customization! You can choose from Standard Solitaire scoring or Vegas Scoring. If you choose Vegas scoring, you choose whether your scores are cumulative or not. You can choose between drawing one or drawing three cards at once. You can choose whether your game is timed or not. You can choose whether to have game sounds. You can even choose your background Wallpaper!

Customers love our seasonal themes, which are comprised of an animated wallpaper and matching card set. Themes include Rainforests, Wood, Penguins, Tropical, and much more! You can even choose a Custom background where you use a photo from your mobile photo album!

Our most recent update includes our new Halloween 2012 theme, which has received many great reviews from millions of customers!

Real Solitaire Free Screenshots