Rage Adventure Pro

Rage Adventure Pro

The hardest game ever.

Press Release - Rage Adventure Pro

Rage against the game and break every rule it gives you. Rage Adventure will punish the goody goody inside you and teach you to disregard the rules as the game goes on... because following rules is for losers.

Get ready to see yourself die again and again and again as the rules of the game change whimsically and nothing stays the way it seems. Use reverse thinking to win the game. Rage against the obvious and go your own way. Traps are everywhere and you never know if you’ll be dead or alive from one second to the next.

There are many rules and prompt boards in the game, but it’s a dreadful mistake to believe what they say. In level 1-3 , you will be told to wipe out all the slimes in 8 seconds. However, after you trying, you'll find that it’s completely impossible to accomplish that task. The only way to win is to realize you’re losing and try something new. Break the clock and stop the timer in order to actually beat the level.

Rage Adventure can really drive you into rage mode. But when you get tired of the challenge, give the game to someone you hate and have them play instead.

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