Radio Santa

Radio Santa

[XMAS] Find out what your kids want for Christmas! And record it and keep forever!

Press Release - Radio Santa

Ever wish you could remember what your children said they wanted for Christmas? The Radio Santa App is here to help!

The fun begins when your little one speaks into your phone and records their wish list, which is passed from one of five different elves, directly to Santa.

Imagine this - there is a blizzard in the North Pole, and the best way to communicate with Santa is through Radio Santa, a two-way radio.

Your children will be thrilled to have told Santa their wish lists, and you will have a nice recording of what to put under the tree this year.

Use the App to send these fantastic recordings to your family and friends who are constantly asking you for ideas.

One of the best parts of Radio Santa is that you get to keep the recordings for years to come. Your children's young voices will eventually change as they grow up, but you'll still be able to listen to these wonderful recordings they made long ago.

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