Easily create quizzes to help your child review schoolwork and study for exams....

Press Release - QuizSheets

The main way to make sure a child learns his or her schoolwork is for the parent to read the study material and ask the child questions. Multiple-choice questions are usually the best approach. I know this from experiences with my own children. Doing this by oral exams is very tedious and there is no reusability. Asking the questions by writing them down is very tough for parents because the pieces of paper get lost and the same questions have to be rewritten over and over.

That is why this app was invented. It makes giving these quizzes easy and fun for both parents and children.

Great care was taken to make the interface beautiful and intuitive. Each quiz can have any amount of questions and each question can have from 2 to 6 multiple-choice answers. When a quiz is taken it is automatically corrected (i.e. correct and incorrect answers are illustrated) and graded. Each quiz is stored along with its corresponding results. This allows parents to review results at their convenience and to follow the improvement each time a quiz is performed.

A powerful point about this app is that it tremendously helps exam preparation by getting the child to redo all of the stored quizzes just before exams.

The app allows quizzes to be transferred between users by email. Parents with children in the same grade can share quizzes with each other. This can greatly spread the workload of parents having to review school material.

This app fills a critical void in the highly underserved 6 to 16 year old education app market.