A Koala Bear's Adventure in the Australian Eucalyptus Forest

Press Release - Puschel

If your children enjoy animals and adventure, they'll love joining a koala bear named Pushel on his exciting journey across the Australian Continent. In 'Puschel- Adventure in the Eucalyptus Forest'- an interactive storybook- children can both read and listen to Puschel's adventures in the wilderness with his animal friends.

Puschel the koala, together with his friends Tommy the albino kangaroo and Cassandra the snake go out into the Australian wilderness and experiences how exciting as well as dangerous the vast terrain can be. On their way through the eucalyptus forest, Puschel and his friends run across all sorts of new animal species2 they never knew existed before. As their journey continues, they all start to learn that there exist rivalries among animal species that are not so easily overcome.

'Puschel- Adventure in the Eucalyptus Forest, features hand painted water color images, interesting and fun jungle sounds and numerous animations. By tapping on certain images , children will trigger various animations and sounds. There are also exciting games your children can play that relate to the book, such as a climb-the-tree game and a Eucalyptus Quiz.

Let your children read and play for hours with Puschel- adventure in the Eucalyptus Forest!

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