Punky Dunk and Friends

Punky Dunk and Friends

A whole new interactive lift-the-flap playbook experience for children.

Press Release - Punky Dunk and Friends

If your children like interactive storybooks, they'll love this whole new type of reading experience. The interactive story 'Punky Dunk and Friends' features Magicflap, an interactive lift-the flap feature that will have children entertained for hours.

Every time your child touches a lift-the-flap, a surprise new part of the story will unfold. Perhaps there's a hidden cat behind the couch, or mice under the rug. Children will be able to move object 'flaps' and see what's behind them.

Your child will also have the option of 'drawing' their own pictures into the story. They can draw food on the table, or paintings on the wall with their fingers. They will then be able to add their creations to the narrative.

You have the option of choosing one of three possible adventure stories revolving around Punky Dunk, the cute and mischievous kitten. Punky Dunk makes many friends in his neighborhood and your child can read about Punky Dunk and the Mouse, Punky Dunk and the Goldfish, or Punky Dunk and the Spotted Pup. Each tale will bring new adventures!


-In-story activities for children to unleash their creative talents

-Children will become immersed in the professional narrators' storytelling

-Words are highlighted to help early readers make associations between the words they hear and see

-Simple and intuitive navigation


-Kids' Creation Gallery stores all your child's videos, pictures and other fun activities

- Parents have complete control over their child's account and the sharing of updates.

-After connecting to FamLoop (www.famloop.com) with FamLoop iPhone App, you can:

- Play & learn with your kids wherever you are

- Encourage your child to improve their reading

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