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Press Release - Project Library

If you have an unwieldy collection of movies and games on your iphone, keep them organized with Project Library.

When you add a movie or game to Project Library, an online database automatically downloads all of the info about it, such as exact Title, Genre, Director, Cast, Synopsis, Cover and Related Trailer.

Keep your games separate from your movies, and view each category alphabetically. An Online Backup System using Dropbox keeps you safe from losing any of your Movies or Games. You'll also be able to synchronize all your data across multiple devices.

Project Library's dynamic home page helps you keep up to date with any new statistics. It also has multiple features such as sharing, editing and dropbox online sync. Project Library supports almost all formats, from Blu-ray 3D to WiiU to Playstation. We're one of the first Apps to support Blu-ray 3D.


-Two different views (list and grid)

-4 AWESOME Themes

-Social Sharing on Twitter and Facebook

-Single card sharing by email to tell a friends the details of a movie or game

-Full Library sharing by email to tell a friend of all movies and games

- Horizontal scrolling with an awesome UI never seen before!!!

-Automatic downloads through Internet making the addition of an entry a matter of fews seconds

-Choose the Movies format between Blu-ray movies, 3D Blu-ray, DVD and DivX

-Choose the Games format between PS2, PS3, PSVITA, XBOX360, WII, WIIU, PC and MAC

-DropBox ONLINE Sync

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