Print Hub

Print Hub

Add a little print-anywhere to your phone!

Press Release - Print Hub

Print Hub supports Google Cloud Printing, Image to PDF conversions, PDF to PNG, and JPG conversions. It also has 8 image filters.

Print Hub also allows Social Sharing to Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also open and extract zip files into your Documents area.

Print Hub works with the IPhone, IPod, and the IPad and is now IPhone 5 Optimized.

Print Hub sports a very sleek and intuitive interface, with a wonderful notification system.

With Print Hub, you can Preview, Print, and retain copies of documents printed via Google Cloud Print. You can also easily save to your Google Docs any previously printed documents.

Document Preview is supported with a majority of supported file formats.

Some background on the application: I started learning about Google Cloud Print for a small non-profit in Ogden, Utah, that I occasionally do software development for. It's entirely on a volunteer basis. I'd built them systems in the cloud that are cheap (I pay the cost for the systems), and helped them redesign their website ( It's a program for at-risk youth.

I originally built the code for Google Cloud Printing for them to integrate into their Android based kiosks that I built for them. Currently my small team is working on an Android version of Print Hub, and then we'll be moving to Windows Phone. We believe in community outreach, hence the non-profit work, and I think we also believe that Google Cloud Print will enable small businesses to be very agile in the Mobile environment and we want people to be aware of the service, and to take advantage of it. -

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