The most beautiful & simple app to send highly sustainable, real paper postcards from your iPhone, through the mail, to the people you love.

Press Release - Postography

It was a lost cause: Ganny would never adopt email and forget about text messages, she would continue to get her mail the same way she always did, at the end of her driveway. Sam decided to bridge his main tool for communication (the phone in his hand) with his grandmother's mailbox and Postography was conceived.

The postcard was the original 140 characters. The physical size of a 4x6 piece of paper necessitates that the message be short and sweet. A kind thought is really all you need. In fact, it's all you are allowed. It's as easy as sending a text with an image attached but it's a treasure to receive and may live on a fridge for years to come instead of vanishing in an endless feed of infinite photos and messages.

Today, communication so rarely involves an actual recipient. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc... they are all about broadcasting ourselves. Postography encourages users to stop and think of someone. Think of a loved one, a friend, a family member, co-worker, or just an acquaintance and then tell them you're thinking of them. We so rarely get anything in the mail aside from bills and catalogs that to get a simple postcard from someone we know is a true delight.

From the App Store:

Support the Postal Service... send postcards. Download the app!

Postography lets you create and send highly sustainable, beautiful, paper postcards from your iPhone, through the mail to the people you love. Snap a photo or select one from your library, add a border, a note, and sign with your finger. Then tap send. Postcards are 4x6 inches and printed on recycled paper with veggie inks and renewable energy. Plus, we plant a tree for every 20 cards sent. Cost is just $1.29 and cards take about a week to arrive (US addresses).

It's as simple as a beautiful image and a kind thought.

-Save the dates
-Thank yous
-Business development
-and so much more... like lobbying Congress... SERIOUSLY!!

Make someone's day with a photo they can put on their fridge.