The Next Step Forward in Mobile Commerce!

Press Release - Pontefy

PONTEFY makes mobile commerce easier than ever. It allows you to buy, sell and trade products in real time from your mobile device.

What sets PONTEFY apart is its social capacity, which allows for immediate communication with other users about the games, books, movies and any other goods that they’re interested in.


• Chat in real time with via the notification center, which alerts PONTEFY users to messages as they arrive.

• Utilize GPS technology to instantly update your location and locate PONTEFY users closest to you.

• Create your own inventory in two ways: by scanning the barcodes of what you want to sell or by taking a picture.

• Search for users by distance then view their inventory while they view yours, all while maintaining complete anonymity.

• Predictive text-messaging allows for faster transactions and finding items you want.

• Search by item or by users closest to you.

• Choose from games, books, movies and dozens of other categories.

• Build your own PONTEFY profile with a photo and archive all your communications and transactions.

You can do all this from the convenience of your smartphone. By bringing a social competent to the marketplace, PONTEFY is the next step forward in mobile commerce. - http://applaunch.us/press-release/pontefy