PlsPlsMe - What Turns You On.

PlsPlsMe - What Turns You On.

A Sexy Game for Making Intimacy Fun.

Press Release - PlsPlsMe - What Turns You On.

PlsPlsMe is a fun and playful way to explore what turns you and your partner on in a way that helps you find answers to both you and your partner’s own personal intimacies. To develop PlsPlsMe, we partnered with leading researchers from the famous Kinsey Institute.

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‘PlsPlsMe helps partners more openly discuss their desires and fantasies in the boudoir…’ -- Daily Beast

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What We’re About & How it Works:
• PlsPlsMe is for people in an existing relationship. We promote swiping with the one you’re with to create an open-ended game of intimate exploration.
• We’re not a “hook-up App”. Profiles in the PlsPlsMe App are not public. Partners must invite each other and allow permission to connect.
• Take our Profile Quiz: Based on our comprehensive Kinsey Institute research, we have developed a unique algorithm that puts you into one of four profiles that helps you better understand your attitudes, behaviors and values around intimacy and connections.
• Play our Turn On Cards: We ask you about a range of different activities (from cuddling to role playing) and show you how your interests and desires match up to a connected partner, as well as how you compare broadly to others.
• Create your own Turn On Cards: We offer ways to send your partner personalized Turn-On Cards to help you discover even more about each other.
• Talk freely in your own Private Chamber: Communicate with a partner in our safe & secure private chamber to keep your conversations out of other more easily exposed texting/messaging channels.

PlsPlsMe wants to help you learn more about yourself & your partner. Your experience in this app will be fun, flirtatious, and educational. PlsPlsMe is here to open the door to better communication between you and your partner.

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