Place In Time

Place In Time

Experience years in seconds!

Press Release - Place In Time

Watch a structure decay before your very eyes. See a tree get covered with snow in seconds ...then watch it bloom. See your child grow up in only a minute. Turn back time. Turn forward time. Use Place In Time.

Take a picture of something around you and compare it to photos taken by others nearby at any point in time. Come back to a landmark every month and take a new photo. Blend your new photos with your old photos. Watch the Place In Time App turn your photos into a video montage.

You can share your video montage of a place, person, or thing in time. Use the App itself, Facebook, and Twitter, to let your friends and family view your creation. Enjoy viewing their creations as well- especially exciting if you're capturing the same thing from different perspectives.

Have fun capturing the world around you as it changes and grows with Place In Time!

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