Wake up to your own voice!

Press Release - PitchMyWatch

Use your own voice for ringtones and alarms! With PitchMyWatch you can record your own voice, your friends voices or any sound you like. You can pitch the sound up or down and use it as an alarm sound or even export it as a ringtone.

You can also choose from pre-installed alarm sounds or from your iPod music library. PitchMyWatch comes with 11 animated, customizable designs. These are not your average digital alarm clocks. Their style varies from Retro to Wrist to 80s Flip to Minimalistic-Watches, and many more.

Your custom acoustic alarms will play even if your phone screen locks, or PitchMyWatch runs in the background. You never need to keep the App running all night.

PitchMyWatch offers fun and support for everybody: Go crazy with your kid or partner by recording and pitching your own alarm sounds or ringtones. Use our reliable custom audio alarm to notify yourself of different upcoming appointments or meetings. Additionally, the different watch designs are a fun and ideal addition to anyone's desk or nightstand.