Pint Track

Pint Track

Loyalty program tracking for bars

Press Release - Pint Track

Pint Track is a loyalty program tracking system for bars.

Most bars track their loyalty programs in one of a few ways:

1) On paper. The sheets get lost, spilled on, and take time to find, fill out, and file.
2) With punch cards or stamps. Participants lose the cards, or game the system with their own punches or stamps.
3) With expensive magnetic-swipe systems sold by POS vendors. These systems cost a fortune, customers still lose their cards, and the interfaces for the customer to use are a pain.

Pint Track is better. Bar tenders use an easy iPad interface to add purchases. Users can either use a customer-facing iPad at the bar (with a specific customer interface), or their own smartphone. There's no card to lose, no paperwork to file, and the system costs less than 1/10th what a magnetic-swipe system costs.

Pint Track gives customers easy access to the beer list, including price, whether the beer is on tap, in a bottle, or in a can, as well as the beer's description, and ratings and comments from other users.

Pint Track makes it easy for bars to tell what beers are popular, when people buy them, and what people in their bar think about each beer.

The Pint Track user app is free. Bars pay a monthly fee to use Pint Track, starting at just $49 per month.