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Press Release - PinMyWAY

PinMyWAY provides ready made self-guided independent walking routes through multiple cities around the world. In addition, you can create your own routes with an option to publish them for everyone to use.

You no longer need to study mountains of literature and an infinite number of online resources to gather information about a places you’re going to visit. You’re offered great walking routes tailored to you, with the most popular attractions of a city marked on each one.

You can load the route via GoogleMaps in advance to the application. It’s also possible to map out a route manually using your iPhone - just add lines and place pins.

PinMyWAY features:

- Access to route lists

- Search for route by user-defined parameters

- Route displayed on the map

- Following route

- Route editing

- Sync with online storage

- Send to review (open access to a route for other users after moderation)

Advantages of PinMyWAY :

- Self-guided independent walking tours in different cities and countries

- Savings thanks to the app’s offline mode

- Free routes without in-app purchases

- Access to the ready-made routes and route creation to share with others -