Phosphor for Mac

Phosphor for Mac

Easy animation for the web.

Press Release - Phosphor for Mac

Phosphor is a new way to bring animation and video to the web. Starting with the video track of a standard QuickTime file, Phosphor creates cross platform, web-standards compliant assets which can be played on desktop and mobile devices without plugins or even video decoding capabilities. As long as a browser supports Javascript and the ability to show images, it can display Phosphor content.

Phosphor makes it simple to add animated logos, screen captures, demonstrations, and more to your website. Unlike other options for motion on the web, Phosphor supports full alpha transparency and high resolution color. Phosphor opens your QuickTime movies and generates a set of standard HTML, javascript and image assets which can be embedded in a website. It's no more difficult than adding videos, images or flash your website, but far more powerful. Helpful samples show you exactly what to do. For the more tech-savvy user, a powerful open-sourced framework can be extended to add interactivity and dynamic control.

Phosphor for Mac Screenshots