Perfect Cut

Perfect Cut

Can you cut the cute fishes?

Press Release - Perfect Cut

Hey captain, keep your eyes sharp! Use your laser to collect all the cute fishes and cut them. Remember, the more accurately you cut, the higher your score will be. You will soon find Perfect Cut’s addictive nature by cutting everything dynamically.

Yes, we promise the number of the cute fishes will keep growing through each update!

4.5 star and 800+ ratings in App Store China. 100000 downloads in 4 months.

Reviews from players:

- "A really great game. Deserves to be a hit!"

- "Really good way to pass the time. Simple but app!!!"

- "Game is elegant and artistic. Game play is easy at beginning and can get challenging to get high scores…"

- "This is really cute !!! It's interesting and funny to compete with my friends by playing this."