Pass Scanner and Verifier for Passbook

Pass Scanner and Verifier for Passbook

Make Passbook Passes genius!

Press Release - Pass Scanner and Verifier for Passbook

You've already gotten sick of carrying around all those rewards cards, and started to use Passbook to store them- but are you having problems getting some of them onto Passbook?

With Passbook Scanner-Verifier, you can use your iPhone to scan barcodes and add them to your Passbook. The App is so tightly integrated with Passbook that if you scan a barcode that contains a URL to a Passbook pass you can directly add it to your Passbook. No need to do anything else- just scan and add!

Pass Scanner and Verifier supports both QR and PDF417 barcode symbologies so that you can scan almost any available Passbook pass. Aztec support will be coming soon. Every scanned pass is recorded in the history, so whenever you need to redownload a pass you can do it quickly. Pass Verifier uses digital signatures to protect your passes and allows you to see if the pass was issued by you.

Pass Scanner and Verifier is also great for business owners. It used to be difficult for small business owners to fully use PassBook without buying expensive optical hardware scanners and deploying their own infrastructure.

Pass Verifier solves those problems and makes Passbook passes useful for all kinds of businesses. Also, any establishments scanning the passes will be able to see an enhanced version of the scanned pass with information stating the validity of the pass. They will be able to then alter a pass as they like- whether it be to change a coupon or invalidate an event ticket.

We have partnered up with several Passbook creation services like,,, so that you will be able to manage your passes better with Pass Verifier.

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