Oriental Wars: Zombies!

Oriental Wars: Zombies!

Unleash the Ottoman wrath! No mercy!

Press Release - Oriental Wars: Zombies!

The first castle defense game in an Oriental setting is finally here!

To celebrate the release of the iPad version and the 5th year of the App Store, get it for FREE for a limited time.

Oriental Wars are about to begin. You are threatened by huge Zombie waves! What is your strategy? Will you accept defeat or prevail against your evil nemeses?

The walking dead have risen, and zombies are restless. There’s so much to lose if you die. It’s time to protect your home.

25 authentic warriors are at your service. Either use your Berserkers to smash multiple enemies at once, or unleash your Janisseries who just finished their internships at the East! Reign over the Zombies with your air support if you feel the need. Your warriors will be boosted by the unexplainable technological items that you will unlock.

Unleash the Ottoman wrath! No mercy!

-20 unique maps, 3 beautiful themes

-40 levels will push your strategical skills

-5 warrior types, 25 authentic warriors

-12 upgrades to hurt the Zombies real bad

-Customizable main characters

-Oriental themed castle defense

-Get your earpods on for the amazing sounds and music

-Support for iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5

-Totally indie game

iPad version is now available! - http://applaunch.us/press-release/oriental-wars-zombies--5

Oriental Wars: Zombies! Screenshots