Orchard Wars

Orchard Wars

Apple-themed Addictive Physics Game!

Press Release - Orchard Wars

The bad apples have arrived and they're bringing destruction and despair to the entire orchard. It's up to you to stop them! This means WAR!!

Use the good fruit to attack and destroy the bad apples. Help save the orchard from ruin and become the orchard master.

As you complete each level, you will meet Oranges, Pears, Strawberries, Grapes, Cherries and Banana's. Each has their own particular ability that you must master and use in the most effective manner.

Build up extra points by destroying barrels, crates and other in-game obstacles. Overcome blocks such as bees, scarecrows, rainbows, lightning, fog and more.

Gain achievements and see if you can climb the leaderboard to become master of the Orchard!

With hours of gameplay, Orchard Wars provides a formidable multi-level challenge requiring expertise, resilience and a dash of good fortune. Pulp those bad apples!