Turn your life into a big game!

Press Release - Onefeat

Are you ready to take a photo of yourself as a viking? Can you capture yourself with the best joker smile? What about getting the best photo of you jumping in water? Share your feats with your friends and compete for best achievement!

Onefeat will have you challenging yourself to do all kinds of feats you never before tried! Enjoy getting yourself to conquer challenges you wouldn’t dream of doing, never mind photographing. Also, challenge yourself to finish and capture all kinds of tasks on your bucket list.

Choose among our 5000 incredible photo missions to spice up life every day! Photograph yourself making a pillow fight, preparing cupcakes, climbing a mountain, riding the washing machine.

You can also build your own path and start your own photo challenges. Are you traveling in Paris? At a great restaurant? Bored at work? Play Onefeat with your own rules and keep the challenges coming.

Use Onefeat to join the worlds biggest party! Play alone, with your friends, or with the whole world and discover amazing people along the way.