Office Fitness

Office Fitness

Get fit at work, beat the 9 to 5 routine!

Press Release - Office Fitness

If you sit immobile in your office all day, and wish you had time for a workout, fear no more! Office Fitness provides you with the quickest exercises ever to be done in a small office space! Even though your lifestyle may be mostly sedentary, you'll see health benefits with this App.

Office Fitness contains simple exercises with full directions. Most of them or a few easymovements that you can even perform from behind a desk or in front of a computer. There are stretching as well as abdominal exercises. The abdominals are the first muscles to suffer due to long hours of sitting.

The exercises aren't completely exclusive to the work day- you don't even have to be in the office or have a computer available to do these exercises. All you need is a chair!

Additionally,all of the exercises were developed by experts in the fields of Osteopathy, rehabilitation and yoga from 'CMO' (The Center for Osteopathy in Florence, Italy).


* MORE THAN 60 EXERCISES - Most of them can be done from your chair!

* GRAPHICS - The illustrations were designed specifically for this app and are clear and precise to help you perform all of the exercises correctly and with ease.

* REMINDERS - This App maintains an ongoing log of all your exercises to track your progress, promote consistency and allow you to set reminders to fit your needs.

* A COMPLETE DATABASE - You can look at all of the exercises whenever you want, in addition to choosing your favorites.

* PROGRAMMABLE TO FIT YOUR NEEDS - There's a settings menu to help you personalize all of the app functions.

* ALL YOU NEED IS HERE - No exercise clothing or gear is necessary. All you need is your phone and a chair!

* IPHONE 5 READY - The larger screen allows you to view the exercises even better.

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