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Press Release - OceanOracle

Since antiquity, people have consulted oracles for wisdom and guidance. Whereas in ancient times this often involved traveling long distances to get cryptic messages, today we are lucky enough to be able to access oracles closer to home, with clearer and more personal insights.The Ocean Oracle answers your questions from the comfort of your own home. It will send you messages and help you to realise what may be going on in your life in relation to your question. It will then help you to move forward.

The Ocean Oracle is a 45 card deck which uses Story and Messages to help with Remembrance- a remembrance of our soul Self and who we are. We, as humans, are about 70% water and cannot help but be influenced by large bodies of water, such as the ocean. We all have a deep connection to the ocean, whether remembered or not. This oracle offers wisdom of the ocean and its surroundings, by using Story to tap into our Remembrance around what the ocean holds for us. The Messages which follow help lend clarity to what a particular card may represent in a reading. The cards can be used with a specific question in mind, or as a tool to offer guidance in a general way. As well as reading the Story and Messages, you also have the option of listening to the cards being read by the author. Hearing the card read aloud can resonate deeply, allowing an even greater level of healing.

The deck uses beautiful photos which are designed to gently support the Story and Messages. Each card is numbered and has a name and message associated with it. Flip the card over and the full Story and Messages are revealed. What messages does the ocean have for you?

The Ocean Oracle app allows you to:

-Have instant access to readings on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

-Choose between 1, 3 and 5 card spreads

-Hear each card read by the author

-Browse the entire deck

-Shuffle the deck manually or with a button

-Swipe the card to reveal the Story and Messages

-Save your readings to access at any time

-Delete saved spreads by swiping across the entry

-Email your readings to others