NovaScape - The FREE Galactic Continuous Runner coming to iOS! Do you have what it takes to escape?

Press Release - NovaScape

NovaScape is a mobile phone based video game application, in which the player will control a spaceship using the gyroscope within their phone. The player will tilt their phone from left to right in order to control the side to side flying motion of their spaceship. NovaScape starts out with a supernova animation which then transitions to an over the shoulder gameplay view. You objective is to escape the incoming supernova explosion while avoiding obstacles in your path. Hyperspace to different galaxies as the game speeds up and progresses through more tough and challenging obstacles.

You collect stars during gameplay that you can use to upgrade your ships health, armor, power ups and even unlock new lasers! Unlock new ships as you progress through the game. The inspiration behind NovaScape came from a very simple game I used to love and play called Cube Runner. The purpose of the game is to achieve a high score based on flying distance, the longer you fly by avoiding the obstacles the more your score would increase.

Do you have what it takes to escape?

NovaScape Screenshots