Notes By Email

Notes By Email

Get it together!

Press Release - Notes By Email

Do you keep emailing notes to yourself and then lose them in your inbox? Use Notes By Email to email your notes to yourself from any device, and access them all together, instantly!

Your email client (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.) is aways open and within easy access using this App. When you want to take down a phone number, address, grocery list, or any other note, simply type it out in your email client and press Send. Your notes will appear in the App within a second!

Notes By Email uses Instasync, which will sync your notes to all connected devices instantly and automatically within only one second. You can even sync with your loved ones' devices, so if you're doing something together like shopping, you can check off items on a shopping list at the same time fromdifferent parts of the store!

Notes By Email also uses Smart Comprehension: If you have addresses, phone numbers etc., you can simply press them to open them on Maps, or in the Phone App.

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