Notable - Contact Notes Made Easy

Notable - Contact Notes Made Easy

Never lose your notes!

Press Release - Notable - Contact Notes Made Easy

Don't ever lose notes about new contacts you meet! Write down information on Notable about people you run into and know, and relax knowing that all of your notes are stored in the Cloud.

Notable is a great way to get organized, and the best way to keep notes about the important people and places in your life. Contact notes can be used for anything from keeping track of where you met someone to their favorite dish at a restaurant to a Christmas List of possible gifts for them.

Notable saves the notes you enter to the system address book on your iPad or iPhone. This means notes will automatically sync with iCloud and your notes will never be lost even if you stop using Notable.

Because Notable is geared around text input there are settings to choose the font size, and several fonts to choose from. In addition to being the best app for editing contact notes, Notable also allows you to create contacts directly into the App and then view the entire contact card. You can even send text messages, Facetime, and other actions right from your Notable Contact List.


-Large text area for easy viewing and editing of notes

-Adjustable text size and font

-Notes are saved to your system address book

-Notes sync to your other devices via iCloud

-Profile images for Contacts

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