Ninja Boxing Calculator

Ninja Boxing Calculator

Hot Fighting Action & Formula Calculation!

Press Release - Ninja Boxing Calculator

Ninja Boxing Calculator was inspired by the 30-year old Casio BG-15 Boxing Calculator, which is now a rare collectors item. The game simulates toe-to-toe knockdown fighting action and the calculator offers more functionality than a regular calculator. 

Responsive fight controls have been designed for touch-screens specifically. The control is simplified with only attack, guard and evade buttons required for play.

Quotes from Twitter on Pre-Release
"I can get behind that. Box up them Ninjas" (Joel Marsh Garland - Actor: Orange is the New Black) 

"I totally dig this." (Alan Noon: Former Capcom Designer Street Fighter TM Arcade)

"We really like it" (GamesYouLoved.Com Video Preview)

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