Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever.. had so many questions!

Press Release - Never Have I Ever

With the release of 'Never Have I Ever' 3.0, developer David Brooks brings the power of crowd-sourcing to the popular game 'Never Have I Ever'!

Whether or not we're referring to the drinking version, we all know the classic 'Never Have I Ever'. Some people prefer to play 'Never Have I Ever' when they go out to bars or parties, or when there is a gathering of friends. Either way, Never Have I Ever is the best way to break the ice when meeting new people or learning the things that your friends "forgot" to tell you.

Never Have I Ever is a collection of close to 300 (and growing) questions separated into six categories. Those categories are Dirty & Sex, School, Relationships, Work, Drinking and Random. Just choose your category and shake the device or press the "Next Question" button to have some fun! The latest feature added to Never Have I Ever is the ability for users to submit their own questions to be added into the app!

Within two days of this feature being released, over 30 questions were submitted!

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