Remember every gift you've ever given!

Press Release - MyFamilyGifts

It’s hard to keep track of which gifts you’ve given loved ones in the past. What should you get people this year...for their birthdays? For Christmas? For Father’s or Mother’s Day? And what have they gotten you?

MyFamilyGifts is the easy and intuitive application you need to put together lists of given and received gifts. You can now easily track gifts given in the past and get ideas of what you might want to give in the future. .

Manage people receiving gifts,  events coming up that may require gifts, and the gifts themselves.  View and detail gift prices, your budget, and gift possibilities. Add gift photos and comments. Then MyFamilyGifts sets it up so that it’s easy to navigate through and compare all your lists of information.

Enjoy giving and receiving!  


- Switch between 2 themes

- Show/Hide gift prices

- Send your favorite gifts (or gift ideas) by email or message

- Share your received gifts on your Facebook wall

- New in version 1.7 : Status and budget view for any given event

MyFamilyGifts Screenshots