MyCountR - A Tally Counter

MyCountR - A Tally Counter

Multiple counters that count it all!

Press Release - MyCountR - A Tally Counter

Get a counter that does everything! MyCountR is a simple but elegant tally counter application featuring a gesture-based user interface. The app supports an unlimited number of counters which can be individually named. Up to 5 counters are visible at the same time on an iPhone5 (4 on other supported devices).

The counter is configurable to be used in either your left or right hand. It also counts upwards and downwards. Sounds can be used as audible confirmation, or suppressed altogether. Each counter can have a maximum count and can be easily reset to zero at any point, and counters can be individually named. The current tally for a counter can be entered manually (overridden) at any time, and tallies for individual counters are stored between uses

For a cleaner look, the phone status line can be hidden. The phone status line can also be displayed so you can always see the time. Customize your counter and apply your own color themes.

In App purchase allows you to:

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