Mum's Cronky Car

Mum's Cronky Car

The incredible story of an everyday family car with a secret talent.

Press Release - Mum's Cronky Car

Get your child involved in an interactive story that follows a broken-down, unloved family car on it's journey to becoming a hero again. Your child will actually become a part of the tale, helping the the dad in the story push-start the car into action or pushing the car back together when it falls apart. He or she will be able to touch the car and make it zoom away or honk the horn. There will even be interactions between your child and the other cars or passersby!

Mum's Cronky Car is the tale of an unappreciated, old car with a surprise under its hood. Getting nothing but abuse from impatient drivers and amused pedestrians, it looks like the car's days are numbered- even its own family is embarrassed to be seen with it. But then one day, out of the blue, the car does something extraordinary. Now its back in good favor with its family, and their adventures together are just beginning...

Written by Anita Pouroulis and illustrated by Jon Lycett-Smith, this fun, family story is a huge hit with young children 4+.

Mum's Cronky Car Features:

-22 pages of rhyming, age-appropriate text.

-Simple interface for young children's ease of use.

-Interactivity on almost every page- things to move and noises to make.

-Music, SFX and narration throughout (includes a choice of narrator- child or adult).

-Optimized for retina display.

-Surprising animations that will delight young readers.

-Find the spanners hidden in the story to unlock a bonus game!

-Lots of humor that everyone will enjoy- moms and dads included.


"If you don't have a little girl of your own, Anita's books will make you want to go out and find someone else's to read them with!- Kirsten Miller Children's author/illustrator

"Mum's Cronky Car! Is a modern 'Chitty, Chitty Bang, Bang' of the suburbs" -Gez Walsh, Poet & Presenter Radio Phoenix FM

"Wonderful, bright and very funny ... a treat for the eye and the ear" -David Harmer, Poet & performer, 'Spill the Beans'

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