Mooooore Bands

Mooooore Bands

“It’s a hand-drawn creative musical playground!”

Press Release - Mooooore Bands

This interactive toy original because unlike many other Apps it’s made by musicians and has an old school handmade vibe, combined with a fresh take on crazy sound effects.

By tapping on musicians, the child will learn what each separate instrument is playing on its own, and can creatively combine and reshape the sounds with popping, wobbling and bubbling sound effects creating their own mix and remix it in real-time.

We are a Danish/Latvian team of professional composers and musicians that has been collaborating on musical projects for over a decade and decided to make a game on musical genres, that we would have loved to play ourselves when we were kids.

All of us now being parents, we found there is a bit of a shortage of quality Apps focusing on music genres with an artistic edge on App store. So this is our contribution. – Dedicated to all the small music lovers around the world.

We would like to think that there’s an educational dimension to the App – a platform for discussing the diversity of music genres with kids. But lets face it: most kids probably will not allow that, because it’s just plain good old FUN!

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