Monsters Slugger

Monsters Slugger

Cartoon Baseball with Monsters!

Press Release - Monsters Slugger

Monsters Slugger is an exciting, new baseball-inspired action game featuring adorable and colorful monster creatures. To advance through each level of Monsters Slugger, players use their finger to flick a flying monster as far as possible. The game includes five unique gaming modes and one training mode, as well as eight animated monster characters. Realistic sound effects and interactive graphics make users feel as if they are truly spending an afternoon at the ballpark. Monsters Slugger's intuitive finger flicking interface makes it simple to enjoy for gamers of all ages.

Users begin Monster Slugger by exploring the simple, interactive tutorial that clearly explains the rules and goals of the game. Players choose between five different gaming modes, including a training mode for beginners. Monsters Slugger also gives users eight unique and entertaining monster characters, including curve-ball monsters and accelerating monsters. Slower monsters are ideal for beginners, while curve-ball and accelerating monsters challenge even the most advanced player. The animated backgrounds of each mode feature striking blue skies, green fields, and realistic details, such as trees, animals, and clouds. Sound effects, such as authentic voice sounds, give users the feel of a real ballpark.

A bar at the top of the game allows users to track their progress toward the next level. Each turn shows players how many feet their monster has traveled, continually challenging players to hit farther. Players can even earn extra points toward advancing to the next level, by flicking their monsters to hit certain objects, such as balloons. Encouraging messages, such as Cheer Up, appear after each turn, challenging players to beat their own personal best. Integration with Game Center, Facebook, and Twitter is available with Monsters Slugger.

Feature Highlights:

* Five distinct game modes, including an animated training mode

* Eight colorful and entertaining monster characters, such as curve-ball monsters

* Realistic sound effects, such as authentic voice sounds

* Animated graphics bring the game alive for users

* Players use their finger to flick each flying monster as far as possible

* Keep track of progress toward the next level using the top bar

"Monsters Slugger is guaranteed to make players, young or old, feel like real baseball sluggers," stated Liberteenz founder Takehiro Yamaguchi. "Our development team hopes that Monsters Slugger gives all game lovers an infinite number of positive and fun experiences."

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