Minibar Delivery

Minibar Delivery

Groundbreaking App Allows Users in Manhattan and Brooklyn to Order Wine and Spirits Door-to-Door in Under 60 Minutes

Press Release - Minibar Delivery

Minibar, an innovative new app that allows users to easily order wine and spirits for delivery in less than 60 minutes, launched today for users in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York City.

Making its mobile-first debut on iOS systems, Minibar – which is downloadable for free via Apple’s app store – will simplify the way alcohol is ordered. Users simply enter their zip code, select their favorite wine and spirit and proceed to checkout.

 The app features easy to use capabilities and a simple, yet effective, navigating platform, connecting vendors with users based upon zip code. Once a vendor has been selected, the app reveals a drop down menu featuring a selection of inventory available in their local liquor store. Selections are easily placed in one’s cart, and the app enables users to select a tip amount for delivery. Once placed, the user receives an email confirmation along with an order number and receipt that itemizes the purchase. Orders, which require a $25 minimum, are then delivered in 60 minutes or less.

 “We are incredibly excited to launch Minibar, making home entertaining as seamless and easy as possible,” said Lara Crystal, Minibar co-founder and co-CEO. “With virtually everything available at your fingertips, it’s time to make alcohol just as easy to order to your home. We were surprised that wine and spirits couldn’t be ordered and delivered with the same ease as groceries home goods. Minibar will change that.”

 Customizable features will also be available on the app shortly after launch, including personalized order suggestions based on previous selections and recommendations on food and alcohol pairings. Minibar also features a special option allowing users to indicate if their order is a gift, making it extremely easy to send a bottle of liquor or wine as a present.

 “Minibar will undoubtedly resonate with all New Yorkers of legal drinking age and simplify our hectic lives in this digital age” says Lindsey Andrews, co-founder and co-CEO of Minibar.  “We look forward to shaking up the way liquor and wine is purchased and enjoyed.”

 In order to adhere to legal age requirements for alcohol purchase, Minibar users need to confirm they are of legal drinking age prior to order. Upon delivery, each vendor is responsible for verifying the customer’s I.D., ensuring they are of legal drinking age. Those unable to produce such information will be charged a $20 restocking fee, billed to the card on file.

Next year, Minibar plans to expand its offerings throughout the greater New York City metropolitan area as well as other select markets throughout the U.S.

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