RTS iPad game

Press Release - MEG RVO

Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries (SKI) is working on an RTS game initially for the iPad. MEG is a multi-year project and we are happy to announce the first version MEG RVO is now currently available for download.

We know the current version is a little rough around the edges, however, rather than work in "silence" for the next 5 years we feel it is important to branch off playable biulds every 4-6 weeks. SKI uses these builds to get user feedback and work out any "real world" issues for the next build. Early adopters will be rewarded for helping us build the game.

It is important to SKI that players can try it for free to see if it is something they are interested in, and if they are interested they can make a single in-app-purchase (currently $2.99) to get full access to Tier01. Tiers can be thought of as expansion packages. Tier1 will be expanded upon every 4-6 weeks well into 2014. SKI will introduce Tier02 in a more MMO style universe early in 2015. The next few versions (2013) of MEG will introduce a completely revamped HQ and a new persistent scenario map.

We hope people will give it a try and provide constructive feedback, we can then take this feedback and add it to our development plan.

Thanks for your time.

Skunkwerks Kinetic Industries.