Keep your math skills sharp!

Press Release - Mathfinity

Do your kids need to brush up their math skills? Do you? Enjoy Mathfinity’s simple and easy to use mathematical learning tool. No matter what degree of mathematical knowledge you need, Mathfinity will provide you with a level of math that’s right for you.

Your child, and/or you, will begin at level one and progress smoothly through levels that gradually increase in difficulty. 80% of the problems need to be answered correctly in order to progress to the next level. The levels keep going and get harder and harder! Mathfinity will help strengthen anyone’s math skills!

* Features:

* Unlimited Levels: Mathfinity can store an unlimited amount of users and track their progress. No worrying about deleting other users to make more room!
* Multiple Choice or Keypad input
* Timer function: Users time per level is tracked and the display of it can be disabled if desired.
* Detailed Reporting: Each user can see their results in a summary screen that can be sorted, and a detailed pdf report can be emailed to any number of recipients. Every problem that the user tackles is stored in a database and can be viewed in summary and included in the detailed report.