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Marketing Monitor

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Track all your search rankings, your social influence scores, and your marketing activities in one easy to view place! Get ready to see cause and effect for any marketing you have done, including Press Releases, Video Marketing, Email Campaigns, Public Speaking and more! Stop searching all over the place for analytics, and simply track all your stats in one place!

The Yodelay Marketing Monitor App is the world's first SEO Search and Social Monitor that has crowd-sourced digital marketing intelligence built in. Every user of Marketing Monitor shares their data anonymously. We collate it, conduct trend analysis, and then share it back to you. We show you the patterns of digital marketing activity from your industry all over the world and what type of marketing is having the greatest effect.

Check out your Klout, Kred, and Personal Influence scores for all of your domains! Track them daily all in one place! Watch Marketing Monitor put together a graph of where you stand daily. See cause and effect for your marketing efforts - plain, simple, visual, actionable.

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