Put a pin int it, map out your day

Press Release - MapItOut

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Using Online tools to enhance real offline experiences

Search/Start screen
 Search for addresses, city or location you wish to visit, the next button will let you enter another address (search for multiple locations in 1 session) then select the map tab to continue to the Map tab

Map tab
Mark the spots in the city/location you wish to visit all spots (use the push button searches to locate restaurants, bars or other POIs)

 Clear your search results leave your spots you selected, view the itinerary with directions location to location from the pins you placed on the map, generate an email of the itinerary, or reset the pins and start over if you don't like the itinerary.

 MapChat browse for people over wifi or Bluetooth if you want to share you locations instantly on their map.

Search for information on the location front the pin by selecting the info button.

Chat tab
Use SwiftChat browse for people over wifi or Bluetooth to start a chat or group chat to discuss the type of places you may want to visit

Plan out your day (MapItOut). Planning a day out in the city. Search for all the places/addresses that you have to visit. The result will map out all the spots you searched for, then you can mark spots on the map around the spots you searched for to build out your itinerary. Once you mark all your spots remove your search from the map and email the itinerary to everyone who needs it.

The itinerary will provide you with directions from your location to the first spot you marked, then from the first spot to the second spot and so on for all the spots you marked. It will provide you with a link to directions along with an approximation of the distance and time to travel between spots.

Each set of directions in your itinerary will automatically open the route in Apple Maps on your iPhone or iPad.

It will also summarize the total travel time along with providing a screen shot of the map (as it appears before you selected the email option) in the email.