Make My Groups

Make My Groups

Generate groups with a tap or a shake!

Press Release - Make My Groups

Simultaneously managing and grouping 30 distinct personalities is a big job.

Make My Groups is a handy tool for anyone who wants to create groups at random with a tap or a shake! Do you teach or facilitate in a class setting where you need to put people together to work on projects? Are you planning an event where you're splitting people into groups or tables? Do you coach a sports team where you don't want anyone to be picked last? Make My Groups will help you make groups fairly and easily!

Make My Groups works through a series of inputted choices resulting in a perfectly grouped result. First, input the names of people you would like to group. Then make selections such as how big each group should be, how many people should be in each group, and how many groups you want to have. The App can then create groups at random.

Before the App makes your groups, you can select all sorts of modifications and setting choices. Let the App know if someone in a group is absent on a certain day, and it will fix the groups accordingly. Also, you can select people that shouldn't ever be grouped together and the App will be sure to separate them.

You can even give your groups randomly generated names in multiple categories including Mythical Places, Continents, Animals, Classic Computer Games, Appliances, and many more!

If you don't like the groups that the Make My Group has generated, you can just tap a button or shake the App, and the App will randomly generate new groups according to your settings!

Save unlimited groups for as long as you like. Return to them the following day, or weeks from now, in order to use them or regroup them again.

The latest version of Make My Groups makes life even easier for teachers, event planners, and coaches, with the added function of individual note-taking. Make notes on select people, the whole group, or multiple groups in order to keep everyone organized!

Classroom teacher and entrepreneur Shane Rayner launched his business, Make My solution, in 2012, beginning with the release of Make My Groups. With his insider understanding of what teachers are looking for, Shane has created Make My Groups to make sorting large groups much easier. Numerous updates in the months since launching have brought increasing sales on this visually appealing, easy to use, and handy App.

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